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The Ranting Ranger

Beautiful, Intelligent, But Most of All, Modest

3 November 1980
Friends List Policy: I friend people I find interesting, and I don't ask that they friend me in return. I typically make an announcement, but only do so here if you feel the need; I pay attention to my messages and I will notice you. Feel free to add me to your friends list; you need not ask me. If you add me, I'll check out your journal, and I'll probably add you back. Maybe I won't add you, but will instead choose to check in from time to time, as I do not have the combination of patience, concern or LiveJournal acumen to figure out filters. Maybe I'll just ignore you; I tend not to read journals that wallow in "woe is me," tedious to-do lists, insufferable inanity, or googols of gaffes in grammar. Furthermore, I could change my mind at any time! Just don't expect anything, and you'll do fine.

Pseudo-Anonymity Policy: I try to maintain a certain level of anonymity here due to my position as a public servant, my opinionated outbursts, and my stubborn refusal to lock any posts. Please help by refraining from using my name or that of the Wife or the Boy if you know them. Thank you.

Disclaimer: I use terms such as "cocksucker" and "motherfucker" as situations warrant.

Still there? A bit on me:

Father of the Boy, Ranger of the Land, Metal as Fuck.

Like many of the best and brightest products of Wisconsin's excellent public schools, I bolted the frozen tundra at the first opportunity. I have lived my whole "adult" life in northern California, where I hope to remain. I have a happy home life, a great job ranging between Point Reyes National Seashore and Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and some sort of musical project in the works. I started out here at LiveJournal writing opinion pieces, but struggle now just to keep readers abreast of my whereabouts and shenanigans.

I strive for happiness and harmony with the natural and human resources on this planet. My methods in the pursuit of these ideals brand me a liberal, gay- and color-friendly, scientific-minded environmentalist. This puts me at odds with conservative, hateful, blinder-wearing selfish ignoramuses, assuring that the pursuit of my ideals will keep me busy for a long time.

Besides saving us from ourselves, I enjoy exploring wild places on foot, alone or with friends. I reserve a special place in my heart for the coast of northern California. I love crabs and cats, rocks and trees, rock and roll, Jack and Coke, pizza and beer, Indian food and tamarind sauce, spice and sex, coffee and tea, long hair and beards, board games and babies.

Get to know me - you'll like me.
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